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Passcode to Parenting offers prevention and intervention support to break unhealthy cycles and teach new communication styles in a safe and supportive space where you can explore your feelings and find the healing you need to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Together, we'll work with you to develop strategies and achieve goals to get you there!


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Mon-Fri: 8:30AM to 4:30PM
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Frequently Asked Questions


We usually can schedule our first consultation within 2 weeks.

It depends on the service being requested. Once you verify which service you are interested in, we will be able to give you information regarding payments.

Yes, we offer both!

We want you to feel comfortable with our process. We typically hold virtual co-parenting or Parent Coordination sessions. But again, we can discuss what you are most comfortable with. For all of your meetings we have rules and guidelines to support a feeling of safety.

We can make observations in schools and consult with school staff if the school is able and willing. We also need all releases signed to allow for collaboration.

Yes, we will but most importantly, we will support you in advocating for yourself and your children.

If appropriate releases are signed. We don’t generally reach out to attorneys, but they are welcome to reach out to us (if releases are signed). We are always open to collaboration.

Depending on the service requested. But for most services, paperwork takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Unfortunately, we do not currently. However, we are always exploring options for funding.

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Named 2023 Child Advocate Of The Year by the Lake County Department of Job and Family Services

  • Reach out as soon as we can to schedule a consultation to meet you.

  • Provide a safe space for you to share whether we come to you directly in your home or virtually.

  • Utilize our core values of listening, problem solving, empathy, and patience during our time together.

  • Advocate for you during this time and show you how to support your family in the same way.

  • Teach you evidence based prevention strategies that will help you parent and co-parent.
  • Make sure the timing is right so your calendar is clear, and you can attend our scheduled sessions.

  • Learn how to provide a safe, nurturing environment by consistency, reliability, and predictability.

  • Set achievable goals that will provide a sturdy foundation within the family unit.

  • Feel confident and heard when it comes to parenting and communicating and resolving conflicts.

  • Increase bonding and attachment by building a strong connection before correcting/disciplining children.

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