"Peta is absolutely amazing! She has been my parent coach and been my right hand through a very difficult time. I know other people who also use passcode to parenting and we have talked about how wonderful Peta is! An absolute godsend! She knows so much and is so helpful and upbeat. I don't know where I'd be without her. 10 out of 10, would recommend!!" DG

"Peta is unmatched in the industry. A licensed foster/adoptive parent since 2013, I've been lucky to work with Peta in her role as an educator, a parent coach, and as support to the families of children in our care. Peta provides dedicated, compassionate and objective trauma informed advice to all her clients and truly makes a difference. She forms lasting genuine bonds and I know I never have to hesitate to reach out with a new problem, question or concern." MP

"Super helpful in every way possible and so caring about the families they help! Absolutely recommend 💕" BG

"Peta is truly an AMAZING person!! She is unbelievably great with children it's like magic! I'm a first time single mom and she had coached me for over a year and it has helped me SOO much with my 4 year old toddler boy!! I am sooo beyond grateful for you peta, thank you for everything, you changed my life!!🙏💙" KT

"Peta is such a passionate and helpful person. I felt so comfortable with her from the first time we spoke. Peta is very knowledgeable, resourceful and I am truly blessed to have her navigate me through this difficult time of parenting." CG

"Peta from Passcode to parenting is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She has patience and compassion for the families she works with and goes above and beyond to accommodate their needs." HM

"Absolutely love working with Peta!❤️❤️ She is so easy to work with and super friendly personality 🤗🤗. Can't even begin to describe how much she has done for us. 🙂 She is the best. ❤️" RB